Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why do Mothers commit maternal filicide?

 Some mothers in the United States do the unthinkable of committing maternal filicide which is killing a mothers child. Many mothers do this because they are mentally ill, in the article is states "Women who are convicted of infanticide there often receive probation and mental health treatment referrals rather than incarceration, according to Resnick’s report." Another motive that mothers might have to kill their mother is the child is an obstacle in her life, one line from the text that directly states this is "where a mother believes her child is a hindrance in her life". The final reason that mothers might have the motive to kill their son is because Mothers may be depressed or be suicidal and want their kids to go gown with them, am example of this would be "Judith Williams who drove her 16-year-old son to the top of Mount Diablo State Park, shot him in the back and head, and then turned the .357 revolver on herself." But despite all of these reasons mothers killing their children is still very rare and not a common occurrence.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How is "Creation" From the Rigveda Similar/Different From Genesis 1

In class today we read "Creation" From the Rigveda. This poem is very similar to Genesis 1. I know this because they both have to do with Creating a new world. For example in "Creation" they said “Darkness there was: at first concealed in darkness this All was indiscriminated chaos." This is very similar to the line in Genesis 1 which is "“The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep” they both show how there was nothing before the God made the earth just darkness. Also in "Creation" there is a line that says "There were begetters, there were mighty forces, free action here and energy up yonder”, this has to do with line in Genesis stating "“Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” These quotes are similar because it shows that they both made animals and they are listing off the names of them. These two pieces of writing are different aswell, for example in "Creation" we don't know who is creating all of these things but in Genesis we know that God is creating the earth. Also in "Creation" they created Gods while in Genesis the God is creating the world.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is Life a Simulation?

In class we read an article about how our entire existence can be on someone else's hard drive. Although this is very hard to believe I think that it could be true. Neil deGrasse Tyson said "Somewhere out there could be a being whose intelligence is that much greater than our own. We would be drooling, blithering idiots in their presence.” He also said that there is a 50% chance that this is the case. It can also be true because technology is constantly evolving, so it could have fully evolved already thousands of years ago but we don't know it because we are in a simulation. One reason people usually deny this theory is because most people don't know why a higher being would want to simulate us, Lisa Randal stated "I don’t know why this higher species would want to simulate us.” Randall admitted she did not quite understand why other scientists were even entertaining the notion that the universe is a simulation." Another reason people may not believe in this theory is because there is no real evidence yet, but the chances are likely which is why I believe it can be true.

Friday, October 7, 2016

How The Book on Job is Similar and Different to an Article About the Holocaust

In class today we read an article about how Holocaust survivors search for faith. This article relates to the book of job. One example is in The Book of Job, Job after all they things that God has put him through like killing his family, animals, crops, and giving him sores all across his body he still tries to search for faith by praying to God and still worshipping him after all the horrible things that God put him through. In the article it shows Holocaust survivors looking for faith in God, asking why he would put them through such a thing like the Holocaust, while in The Book of Job he looks for faith in God asking why he would put him through the torture that he's putting him through. The book of Job is different from The Article because in the Article a man is putting them through the holocaust while in the Book of Job God is putting him through the series of trials. It is also different because God was putting Job to a test while Hitler was not.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

How book of Job is Similar and is different to other stories in the Old Testament

In class today we read the book of Job Part 1, this story is very similar to other stories that we have read in the Old Testament so far because it has to do with God wanting people to worship him and how he can be self centered because of how badly he wants people to love and worship him. One story form the Old Testament that supports this is The Sacrifice of Issac, God wants Abraham to prove himself to God by killing his son for a sacrifice to test his loyalty . In the book of Job God puts Job through torture (killing his kids, and animals) to test his loyalty as well. In Genesis 3 God tested Adam and Eve's loyalty by seeing if they would eat an apple that God specifically told them not to eat. There is a common theme here with God as a character which is he can be very self centered as showed In the stories from the Old Testament. The book of Job can be different from these stories. One example of this is in The Sacrifice of Issac God wanted Abraham to do something for him to prove his loyalty but in the book of Job God wants him to withstand a series of events made by God. In Genesis 3 God wanted to see if Adam and Eve were tolerant enough to stay away from the tree of knowledge, while in the book of Job God wanted to put Job to a test.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Looking back at first month of highschool

This first month of highschool has been a very new experience for me. Mainly I have enjoyed this school year so for, I like how I can wake up 30 minutes later compared ton the high school and I enjoy all the new choices for clubs and other after school activities. I also feel I have more things to do during school, for example I can leave school during lunch and come back before the period ends. Also the iPad is a great way to get notes done quicker and do better school work. I also feel that the work so far has been fairly easy but I'm pretty sure that it will get harder as the months pass. I also feel like I have more freedom, for example I can go on my phone when classes end and in the lunch room, also I have free periods which you don't get in the middle school. The only thing that I do not enjoy as much is that the school is very big and sometimes I can't make it to my classes on time. For example my 3rd period class is on the other side of my 2nd period class. Overall I feel like the rest of my school year will hopefully be as fun as I had this month.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Noah's Ark Reslistic Article

Today we read this article, it is about how Noah's ark wasn't very long but it was more of a bowl shape, "it would  have been like a massive bowl of rope piled up in a complex manner on a scaffolding of willow ribs." It is also about how the 4000 year old instructions on how to build Noah's ark are mathematically correct. Dr. Irving Finkel found they were 99% accurate. This relates to what we have read before because it contradicts what we have read before. We have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to accurately recreate Noah's ark, but now that we know it might be a bowl shape it could be possible. I the idea of Noah's ark being s bowl shape never crossed my mind. This can also connect to what we have learned because it talks about Gilgamesh's flood also and how people don't know that Gilgamesh's flood was before Noah's flood. It also showed how both floods are similar because the god in both stories was angry at the people in the world and decided to create a great flood to destroy everyone,